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Case Study
Case Study
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Injector Pen Materials Help Make Treating Diabetes Easier

Pharmaceutical companies took the promise of simple, 笔状胰岛素注射器用于治疗糖尿病的新水平的设备使用 DuPontDelrin® acetal and Zytel® nylon resin as the injector pen materials.

While the devices, and challenges, are quite different, 这些病例的结果很明显:更好的设备和更好的治疗方案.

Autopen® 2: Giving Patients More Control

For UK-based Owen Mumford company, DuPont Delrin® provided low friction and strength for the Autopen® 2,这提高了患者的舒适度,并提供了对胰岛素剂量的更多控制.

The Challenge

而紧凑型胰岛素注射器提供了方便和简单, some had a significant user issue. Once a dose had been set by the user, 它不能通过反向旋转旋钮来减小. Instead, the user had to expel the set dose and redial. 这就导致了药物的浪费、用药不当的风险和使用者的沮丧.

The Owen Mumford company of Oxfordshire, England, 试图通过其自动开放的专利机制来改善患者的控制® 2 insulin injector that would let users correct a misdialed dose.

The Solution

The design of the Autopen® 2可以让用户选择剂量并按下触发器注射胰岛素. If too large a dose is selected, 剂量选择器顶部的按钮允许按顺序将剂量减少到正确的水平, prior to injection.  但对用户来说简单明了的东西实际上是复杂设计的结果, production and high-performance plastics.

For instance, the Autopen® 2 locking bushing, 在给药过程中防止丝杠的旋转运动, is molded from a toughened grade of Delrin®. 这使它能够承受高扭转力,特别是在剂量设定期间.

作为另一个例子,剂量旋钮是在激光可标记的Delrin等级中成型的® for incorporation of insulin measurements. 然而,它还必须为零件内的两组齿轮齿提供一个坚固的表面, 在剂量校正过程中,与倒带按钮一起工作的是什么.

A further five parts are molded from Delrin®, including the drive gear, rewind button, dose knob cover, ratchet drive shaft and cartridge compression cup. 严格和全面的测试确认了Autopen的合规性® 2 with the international standard ISO 11608 for pen-injectors.

Key Advantages

Durability is key for the Autopen® 2. It can dispense up to 72 units of insulin per injection, 它被设计成可以装满新的胰岛素筒并且可以反复使用. The Autopen® 2包括复杂的,几何上先进的部分,相互运动,和Delrin® offers a range of properties to support performance, including:

  • Strength and stiffness
  • Dimensional stability
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction and resistance to wear

“Of all the plastic parts used within the Autopen® 2, seven are molded from Delrin®, 他们代表了所有的机械和坚固的组成部分的基本操作,” confirms Mark Eaton.

“We would not have been able to produce the Autopen® 2 without DuPont materials.”

The Delrin® products were supplied to Owen Mumford by Distrupol, 365体育彩票平台在英国的高性能聚合物授权经销商. Distrupol和365体育彩票都在减少剂量设定和给药机制内的摩擦方面提供了额外的技术援助. 

Autopen® is a registered trademark of Owen Mumford Ltd.

An Insulin Pen Designed to Reach More People

For Indian pharmaceutical firm Wockhardt, Delrin®, Zytel® and Crastin® are key plastic materials in the manufacture of simple, safe and durable, 胰岛素笔让更多的人可以获得糖尿病的治疗.

The Challenge

在印度,在为能够从中受益的糖尿病患者提供方便的糖尿病治疗方面存在差距. Doctors needed affordable, simple, 耐用的胰岛素笔,高安全标准,可靠可用. In response, the Indian pharmaceutical company, Wockhardt, contracted Industrial Design Consultancy Ltd. (IDC) of Datchet, UK, to design a completely new insulin pen.

The Solution

IDC公司设计的最后一款胰岛素笔完全由塑料制成, making it light, strong, affordable – and about the size of a marker pen.

Injector Pen Components

Key moving parts are manufactured from Delrin® and Zytel®polymers. 这两种聚合物用于离合器管和锁紧套(均为Delrin®)和传动轴,内壳,拇指垫和活塞杆帽(所有Zytel®).They provide strength, 此外,钢笔输送机构中复杂的棘轮和齿轮系统也需要自然润滑.  

这支笔的剂量刻度盘和刻度夹是由365体育彩票平台的另一种材料Crastin制成的® PBT. 这种材料提供了极好的尺寸稳定性以及视觉吸引力和适合印刷..

Key Advantages

For medical device polymer applications, Delrin® provides:

  • Dimensional stability
  • Lubricity

In medical dispenser applications, Zytel® provides:

  • Low-friction against POM
  • Impact strength
  • Elastic modulus

The benefits of Crastin® include:

  • Strength
  • Visual appeal
  • Printability

UnoPen: Making Patient’s Lives Easier

Ypsomed AG, 是一家位于伯格道夫的独立药物注射系统开发商和制造商, Switzerland, found DuPontDelrin® to be the optimal material for key components of its UnoPendisposable injector pen. With the help of Delrin® SC699,which provided ultra-low-friction properties, Ypsomed AG能够为患者提供一种易于使用的产品.

The Challenge

开发一种“易于使用”的注入笔需要创新的设计和合适的材料. 低摩擦是树脂的一个关键属性,有助于注入笔的可用性. Ypsomed AG公司需要一种用于最先进的UnoPen的剂量刻度套筒的材料. Located between the housing and the piston rod, 病人使用拨号套来设定所需的胰岛素(或其他药物治疗)量. 这部分与活塞杆相互作用,共同帮助分配适当的医疗剂量. 这两个部分之间的低摩擦对注入笔的功能至关重要. 由于摩擦力小,患者在使用医疗设备时可以施加更小的力.

The Solution

经过对市场上许多聚合物的测试,Ypsomed AG公司发现365体育彩票平台Delrin® (特殊控制)SC699缩醛树脂比竞争对手更成功地满足了要求. Delrin® SC699为最需要它的部分提供了必要的低摩擦质量. Stefan Burren, manager of product development at Ypsomed explained, “The friction properties of Delrin® SC699用于剂量刻度套筒是钢笔使用方便的基础.” Delrin® SC699还提供一个部件,显示所需的强度和刚度,以确保可靠和耐用的机械性能. Using a masterbatch, Delrin® SC699兼容激光打标以指示剂量设置. In addition, 它提供欧盟和FDA食品接触合规,并提供符合USP Class VI和ISO 10993-5和-11测试要求.

Key Advantages

The UnoPen允许患者在选择所需的药物剂量时使用更少的力量. The lubricity of Delrin® SC699 assisted in making this possible. The Delrin® 该系列提供坚固的树脂,具有优异的硬度,为医疗设备创造可靠的部件. 它适合大批量生产,有助于节约成本, 同时又不丧失用于高精度零件的能力. Ypsomed AG took advantage of all these benefits that Delrin® SC699 provides to developers and manufacturers.


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